Software Quality

From the requirements until software release, your development process must be structured, traceable with flawless and compliant code as the end result.

Our solutions range from integrated platforms that help you in having end-to-end visibility on the entire application or product development up to project planning to identify possible bottlenecks before they actually happen.

Code Coverage

Our code coverage solutions quickly and easily lets you view coverage analysis results such as callgraphs, flowgraphs, and code coverage reports in an interactive easy-to-use interface with powerful filtering capabilities.

These solutions enforce compliance with coding standards and clearly indicate software flaws that might otherwise pass through the standard build and test process to become latent problems. Competitive static analysis and dynamic analysis tools are based on commercial parsing technology, leaving most tool vendors at the mercy of a core technology that’s outside their control. Our solution’s proprietary parsing engine allows you to quickly incorporate new analysis techniques to meet changing standards requirements, so you’ll always be at the leading edge of new and improved analysis technologies.

DevOps – ALM

Our DevOps – ALM solutions allow you to get a clear overview of your project at an eye’s glance. Multiple tools and functionalities are connected in one platform, streamlining your development process.

Coding Standards

Our solutions to enforce the use of programming standards incorporates next-generation reporting capabilities to show code quality, fault detection, and avoidance measures. You can quickly and easily view results in call graphs, flow graphs, and code review reports in an easy-to-read, intuitive format.

LDRArules enhances collaboration and communication across all members of the development team through an easy-to-use graphical user interface and sophisticated reporting mechanisms. With this information, development teams can quickly identify and repair coding flaws, speed up the development cycle, and reduce overall development costs.

Unit Testing

“Unit Testing” is a rather generic term used for hardware, software and systems  depending on the definition of “unit”. We can help you with all of the above: there are slim line functional testers for hardware UUT that can be operated and controlled through various off the shelve test applications, hardware assisted software test solutions, functional software model test solutions and formal verification test solutions.

Overall, our unit testing solutions offer a high level of automation, and are complient with industry standards.

Traceability and Certification

These tools provide a flexible way to link requirements, design, source code, tests, analyses and associated artefacts within the software development lifecycle. By integrating requirements management, ALM and development tools with the LDRA tool suite, TBmanager provides the bidirectional traceability and impact analysis features required to meet functional safety and cybersecurity standards while reducing development cost, risk and time-to-market.

Composition Analysis

Automatically detect, prioritize, and remediate your open source security vulnerabilities at every stage of the software development life cycle.

The open source community is decentralized by nature, and finding information about vulnerabilities is difficult and varies by project. To reduce risk, enterprises need visibility into their open source use. Managing open source security at scale requires a solution that goes beyond detection to focus on the prioritization, remediation, and prevention of open source vulnerabilities.

Functional Testers

Our innovative range of products and solutions help engineers tackle the multiple ​challenges of testing modern electronics.

Fully bespoke test solutions based on the J-Testr platform, including full RF measurement systems for testing of Internet of Things (IOT) devices.

The test systems are specifically designed to get the user up and running with minimum effort and time. This allows test developers, or even R+D teams, to utilise the test system from a very early stage in the product development cycle, allowing developed test code/circuitry to be easily reused and passed forward to the final production test.

Logic Technology helps you find the right tool for the job

“Software rules the world”, a statement you might agree with or disagree on, but fact is that a simple typo in a computer program or misinterpretation of a single text line in a requirements document can cause a plane to drop from the sky or a car to run of into the weeds. Unfortunately, true stories that prove how difficult it is to develop and release error-free software programs. Industry standards and certification procedures for safety critical applications are there to help the process of software development, identify and cure potential problems before the product is released. Implementing applicable rules and standards into your development process is the ‘only’ thing you need to do.

Logic Technology helps you to successfully implement automatic software verification, requirements traceability and standards compliance by providing the right tool for the right job! With a tool suite supporting all relevant standards for: Aerospace & Defense, Industrial & Energy, Automotive, Rail, Medical and Security.

There is more; if you are using MATLAB® / Simulink® models, we also offer highly automated functional test tools making verification of your models faster and easier than ever.

We support these industrial standards:

  • Aerospace & Defense: DO-178B/C, DO-278, DO-254, DEF STAN 00-56
  • Industrial & Energy: IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 62443-4-1
  • Automotive: ISO 26262, ASPICE, MISRA, HIS, AUTOSAR, SAE J3061, ISO/SAE DIS 21434
  • Rail: CENELEC, EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129
  • Medical: IEC 62304, FDA

Tool Capabilities:

  • Requirements & Traceability
  • Test Management
  • Coding Standard Compliance
  • Code Coverage Analysis
  • Object Code Verification
  • Data Flow/Control Flow Analysis
  • Unit Testing & Integration testing
  • Code Quality Review
  • Certification & Regulatory Support
  • MATLAB/Simulink Model Testing

Our brands:

Eiger Design
WhiteSource Software

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