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About Mindmotiv

Mindmotiv GmbH is a high-tech B2B software provider from Aachen, Germany. Mindmotiv specializes in cutting-edge solutions for efficient model-based embedded software development and testing as required by standards and norms like ISO 26262. Mindmotiv’s customers and clients are OEMs of the automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation domains and their suppliers who want to fully leverage the manifold advantages of model-based embedded development and testing.



Arttest combines unparalleled workflow automation and powerful functionalities for signal processing in an uncluttered, user-friendly interface.

It is a powerful tool for functional testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models as recommended by ISO 26262. Arttest provides solutions for authoring, managing and reviewing simulation-based tests. Arttest is particularly suitable for rapidly specifying signal-based tests on a large scale without programming knowledge, executing them automatically and reusing the tests over product generations in large teams.
Thanks to a multitude of unique functions, a very efficient test process can be carried out at an early stage and without programming knowledge. Through years of experience in practical use at large industry partners on a global scale, Arttest provides a wide variety of functionalities that make process integration a breeze.

Live Signal Plot

Already during the test specification Arttest displays the complete signal curves of stimuli, reference signals and tolerance ranges.
  • Live preview of test and reference signals as you type
  • Freely group and zoom signals in all plots

Arttest language and plot with acceptance regions

Signalplot only with no acceptance regions

Automated Model Analysis and Preperation

Arttest automatically generates non-invasive test harnesses. All Simulink functions, be it buses, multidimensional signals or internal signals, or custom libraries and compilers are fully supported.
  • Fully automated analysis of inputs, outputs and internal signals
  • Access all signals by their original identifier or define aliases
  • Fully automated test harness generation

Intuitive, Assisted Test Specification

A new, domain-specific language, which has been optimally adapted to the needs of users in over 15 years of industrial application, is used for test specification. The language is easy to learn and requires no programming skills. A test implementation based on this specification language is automatically generated for target platforms. This eliminates a very costly and error-prone step in functional testing.
  • Test specification based on natural language and industrial conventions
  • Intrinsic and explicit links to requirements
  • Syntax coloring, content assist and auto-formatting
  • Easily customizable to your process and demands

Powerful Evaluation Methods             

The specification of acceptance criteria is an important and fully integrated part of the language and is supported by Arttest.
  • Fully automated evaluation and report generation
  • Capture simulation outputs, internal signals, measured and imported raw data
  • Evaluate against reference signals or live or recorded reference raw data
  • Define tolerances that vary over time or even conditionally