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About Draupner Graphics

Draupner Graphics A/S, is the owner of TouchGFX. The software framework offers your embedded product outstanding graphics and smooth animations with minimal resource and power consumption.


Our brand is dear to me. Finding partners that we can trust with brand-specific projects is hard. The TouchGFX team delivered to our high standards. The combination of user experience, design, hardcore embedded coding skills, and the TouchGFX framework was exactly what we needed. – Jeff Rowland, CEO at Jeff Rowland Design Group.

TouchGFX Designer

TouchGFX Designer is an easy-to-use GUI builder included as a free tool in TouchGFX. The Designer lets you create the visual appearance of your TouchGFX application in an instant.

The GUI tool cuts hours of your development process. This is done without compromizing the quality of your TouchGFX application.


Ideate Implement     Run

Spark innovative GUI ideas and move your design files quickly to TouchGFX Designer.

TouchGFX Designer’s simple drag and drop approach lets you implement your application fast and easy.

Watch your application come to life on your PC, supported board or custom hardware with just one click.

Try TouchGFX

Ideate, implement, and run your applications on the PC simulator, supported developer boards or your custom hardware with just one click. Get going and create apps with high-end graphics.


TouchGFX Designer lets you create multiple screens. At the same time, you get a clear overview of screen content.

Our wide selection of customizable widgets help you quickly create a stunning prototype that reflects your corporate brand.

TouchGFX Designer holds a set of ready-to-use graphical skins. Skins make it easy to create great, consistent prototypes fast with no need for a graphical designer. Your can also insert your own custom graphics anywhere you like.

TouchGFX Designer makes it easy to add dynamic interactions. This makes your application come alive with user-friendly functionality.

Custom Container
Create custom reusable controls for your application to shorten your development process and create a cohesive application fast and easy

Run on Your Selected Hardware
Add support for your custom board. Fill in your board configuration and deploy your application on your custom board with just one click.

Tutorial Videos for TouchGFX Designer


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