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About LDRA

LDRA is an ISO 9000/9001:2008 certified company, dedicated to providing high quality products and services to its customers developing mission-, safety-, and security-critical applications.


Ultra developed a midlife upgrade of a pre-existing, uncertified, avionics system and faced significant challenges due to the introduction of requirements for DO-178B Level B safety certification coupled with a migration to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platform.  The LDRA tool suite was utilised to overcome the identified challenges to develop a safety-certifiable platform running on VxWorks.

-Ultra Datel-


TBmanager now merges all coverage results from system, module/unit test and test generation from multiple users, post mortem tests, target and host. In addition, TBmanager manages and tracks all artifacts, mapping them to project and standards certification objectives to achieve complete bidirectional traceability, including object code and target testing.

To optimize application development and add functionality, many companies depend on the efficiency of Java and C++ programming languages, although these object-oriented languages are often integrated into legacy software systems typically written in Ada or C and coexist in a heterogeneous environment.  TBmanager ensures that all aspects of the code can be viewed and managed together systemically regardless of the number or type of programming languages.

TBmanager’s seamless integration with LDRA’s Testbed and TBrun analysis and test verification tools offers comprehensive verification reporting and defect tracking capabilities. Coupled with this it also supports the assignment of development and verification workspaces which allows managers to allocate requirements for coding, analysis and testing tasks offering an end-to-end software development lifecycle solution that increases productivity while reducing errors, and budget and schedule overruns.

LDRA tool suite and PTC® Windchill® integration presents a complete product lifecycle management and software testing solution

LDRA has partnered with PTC to offer an integrated product lifecycle management and software testing solution for the embedded real-time, safety- and security-critical markets.

PTC Windchill software is designed to help innovative industries to advance the development, governance and maintenance of software by providing a unified solution for requirements, quality, and application lifecycle management. The integration with the LDRA tool suite with its concept of traceable, bidirectionally linked work items seamlessly extends Windchill’s enterprise capabilities to embedded software analysis and testing.

The combined solution enables users to trace from requirements to source code analyses and tests, and vice versa. It leverages the LDRA tool suite to perform static analysis in the target or the host development environment, and dynamic analysis under simulation or on the target. Analysis outcomes are reflected in the Windchill user interface, providing insight into the progress of development, and the code quality, complexity, and stability of the evolving system. Evidential artefacts can be generated at any time by either solution.

Download the technical note and data sheet for the integration with LDRA and PTC Windchill:

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