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About McObject

McObject provides embedded database technology to meet the unique needs of intelligent, connected devices.



Competitive advantages

eXtremeDB databases can be modeled relationally or in a more object-oriented manner, and can utilize SQL or lower level native APIs, removing development restrictions from engineers who require the fastest and most reliable applications:
  • Supports full ACID database properties, High Availability, Clustering, and Sharding
  • Public benchmarks prove eXtremeDB is the highest performance and lowest latency DBMS available
  • Advanced functions included multiple indexing options, 100+ vector-based math functions, and L1/2/3 cache-optimized analytics

Typical applications

IoT application across all markets, e.g. Industrial Control, Netcom, Telecom, Defense, Aeronautics, Consumer Electronics, Real Time Analytics, Smart Grid/Building/City

Key customers

Northrop Grumman, F5 Networks, GoPro, DIRECTV, PHILIPS, Boeing, BAE Systems, Schneider Electric, Kapsch, EADS, Spirent Communications

Market Metrics

With hundreds of customers and over 25 million devices/applications using the product worldwide, eXtremeDB is proven technology that offers a competitive advantage to our customers.

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