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eXtremeDB Data Management Solution for Device, Edge and Gateway

eXtremeDB offers more features than any other database management system, giving professional developers reliability, speed and connectivity solutions for current needs and future growth.

IoT Connectivity Solutions

eXtremeDB with Active Replication Fabric™ offers reliable data management for IoT by solving 5 challenges for IoT system developers:


  • Bidirectional Replication
  • Intermittent connections
  • Security
  • Multi-tier replication (e.g. edge-to-gateway-to-gateway-to-cloud)
  • Compression to maximize limited bandwidth networks

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Features to Maximize Database Reliability

Database system reliability encompasses protection from loss of database availability, safeguards on data integrity, and resistant to database corruption caused by application software defects.


  • ACID-compliant transactions
  • Transaction logging
  • Non-volatile memory support
  • Advanced debugging and corruption prevention tools
  • Type-safe API

Optional Modules:

The eXtremeDB SQL Database Interface

McObject’s eXtremeSQL database interface is a high-performance implementation of the SQL database programming language for eXtremeDB.  eXtremeDB combined with eXtremeSQL is an ideal solution for application development in fields where real-time responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language.


eXtremeDB High Availability, Fault-tolerant Database System

eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) database system is a fault-tolerant version of the already dependable eXtremeDB®. It was designed to answer the challenge, “How can a database survive the failure of the software or hardware environment in which it operates?” Designed to power systems that cannot afford to fail, eXtremeDB-HA delivers the highest degree of reliability, along with its unsurpassed performance and exceptionally small footprint.  Process control, telecom and network gear, and other mission critical systems with demanding “five-nines” reliability (99.999% up-time), requirements comprise a fast-growing segment of real-time applications. These systems are managing greater volumes of more complex data—creating a need for a fast, lightweight commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) database that can meet their reliability imperative.


eXtremeDB Cluster: McObject’s distributed database system for real-time applications

eXtremeDB Cluster is McObject’s real-time distributed database system.  eXtremeDB Cluster manages databases across multiple hardware nodes, enabling two or more servers to share the workload. It is unique as the first clustering database system to offer an embedded architecture: the database system runs within the application process at every node, eliminating the need for separate client and server modules.

This design eliminates inter-process communication (IPC) overhead within nodes of the distributed database, accelerating performance. It also reduces complexity, contributing to higher reliability and simplified deployment and maintenance.

In clustering database deployments, every eXtremeDB database instance serves as a master. Changes to one node are efficiently replicated to others.


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