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About McObject

McObject provides embedded database technology to meet the unique needs of intelligent, connected devices.


eXtremeDB In-Memory and Persistent Database Management System

The eXtremeDB database management system was originally designed and optimized to be an in-memory database system (IMDS) with direct data manipulation. Storing and manipulating data in exactly the form used by the application removes overheads associated with caching and translation. On embedded platforms (e.g. ARM, PowerPC), typical write accesses are at the level of a few microseconds, or less, and read-only access is sub-microsecond.  (Review our independently audited STAC benchmark test results.)  When used as an embedded database system, the engine is reentrant, allowing for multiple execution threads, with transactions supporting the ACID properties, assuring data integrity.

In addition, eXtremeDB combines the strengths of on-disk and in-memory database systems. Databases can be all-in-memory, all-persistent, or have a mix of in-memory tables and persistent tables. This unparalleled flexibility enables developers to tailor data management in order to optimize applications for speed and persistence, and make intelligent tradeoffs between cost-efficiency, power consumption, and physical space-conserving data storage hardware.

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