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Logic Technology cooperates with a number of carefully selected and renown embedded software and tool specialists. This means you will always have a range of reliable, top products within reach. Our portfolio includes leading manufacturers who make major contributions to industry-recognized special interest groups and standardization committees. Several of them cooperate directly with major semiconductor manufacturers on next generation IP for their silicon.

Logic Technology is your choice for the absolute highest levels of quality, sustainability and reliability.

Crank Software

Eiger Design

Eiger Design GmbH is committed to designing and producing innovative test equipment, focussing on a high level of technical specification, ease of use, and flexibility. Our engineers are constantly looking at ways they can help make the design of UUT functional testers faster, simpler and more efficient.

Embedded Artists


With Insyde Software, you’ll get great technology. And behind that technology, hundreds of dedicated folks that will treat your next project as if it were their own. The employees, the vast majority highly skilled firmware and software engineers, are what separate Insyde Software from the next technology supplier. They understand that your organization also delivers great technology and expects no less from suppliers and partners like Insyde Software and Logic Technology.

Intel Software

Why would you program a powerful processor with slow, not optimized compilers? Why would you debug your code with a third party tool that does not integrate into any modern IDE?
If there is one thing we have learned over the many years that we have worked with Intel customers, it is that time is money, and you don't want to spend it on optimizing your code and debugging it. And that's where Logic and Intel step in: with affordable tools and support that get the job done!

Ka-Ro electronics

When you don't want to get involved with the complexity of an advanced microprocessor design and if you have vision of a future roadmap where you want to be able to reuse part of your hardware design, then Ka-Ro and Logic are your partners; with Computer on Modules, base board design services and production facilities, we can save you time and money.


Software testing and documenting what you tested are two aspects of the software lifecycle disliked by many programmers. Yet, testing and certification are becoming more and more important. LDRA have been on the forefront of setting the standards for testing, safety and certification, and Logic has embrased their phylosophy, simply because their way is the way forward!


Mindmotiv GmbH is a high-tech B2B software provider from Aachen, Germany. Mindmotiv specializes in cutting-edge solutions for efficient model-based embedded software development and testing as required by standards and norms like ISO 26262. Mindmotiv’s customers and clients are OEMs of the automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation domains and their suppliers who want to fully leverage the manifold advantages of model-based embedded development and testing.