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XJTAG Million Dollar Product Giveaway

  • XJAnalyser is an intuitive standalone software program that gives engineers access to a set of powerful debugging tools. It provides a graphical view of JTAG chains, giving you complete control, on a pin-by-pin basis, of both pin state (either driven as an output or tristated as an input) and pin value (either high or low when driven), and it has the facility to run SVF and STAPL / JAM files.

    Save many hours during R&D prototype bring-up and in production on the factory floor.

Optimal, cost-efficient handling of coding rule violations

  • LDRA, leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis and test tools, maintains its commitment to the simplification and automation of the software development lifecycle with the introduction of TBexclude. Designed to complement TBvision’s user friendly reporting of coding rule violations, TBexclude offers a multi-tier coding violation exclusion capability enabling the suppression of rule violation reports at the project, team or individual user levels – perhaps in support of a MISRA deviation process.

Webinar: The practicalities of MISRA compliance

  • On March 19 our supplier LDRA offers a webinar which will discuss several key points raised by the MISRA compliance document. 

    There are many static analysis tools available to assess code compliance with MISRA guidelines. But the identification and rectification of violations flagged by a tool represents only one part of the compliance process. Step back from the analysis of violations and the need to address bigger questions about the process as a whole becomes obvious.

Mindmotiv GmbH and Logic Technology are proud to announce their partnership.

  • Thanks to Arttest, Functional Safety on the Model Level Has Never Been Faster, Easier, or More Powerful.

    With Arttest, Mindmotiv provides a best-in-class solution for efficient model-based embedded software development, testing and quality assurance that fits perfectly in Logic Technology’s range of embedded software solutions. With Arttest, Logic is another step closer in its mission to empower the swift optimization of embedded product development. Logic Technology is going to establish Arttest as the quality standard embedded testing platform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

Keil changes license restart policy

  • Important information for Keil MDK users.

    Effective from April 1st, 2020, it will not be possible to restart, or re-instate, an expired Support and Maintenance contract for licensed MDK software.
    Previously Keil's policy has been that customers had the option to have a break in between Support and Maintenance periods at a certain cost factor.