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Logic Technology reduces the complexity of the hardware design and helps to improve overall board testability by offering a wide range of standard and custom made computer modules and supplies. Need assistance with your design? Call us, we can help!

Boundary Scan Testing

Debug, test and program your electronic circuits quickly and easily by taking advantage of a range of software and hardware solutions. Our solutions are compliant with industry standard IEEE 1149.x JTAG boundary scan technology, which is embedded in many chips.

By improving your board test and debug process, these solutions will speed up your design and development process as well as providing excellent test coverage in production.

Computer Modules

Our modules use ARM processors from NXP, ST Microelectronics and others. Using proven components only and with ultra-modern assembly lines, we produce modules to the highest standard of quality and reliability.

Our computer module series are based on pin-compatible layout with signals in the same location across modules of the same processor family. This provides flexibility and the ability to easily update your product to the latest processor module and software. By simply replacing the core module, your product can remain state-of-the-art throughout it’s life.

Device Programmers

Our cost effective Device Programmers and memory emulators focus on the needs of the software and firmware developer and provide them with a solution to emulate or program EEPROM, SPI Flash, NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC, CPLD, UFS (Universal Flash Storage) and other programmable devices.

In-circuit programming is made possible with a wide range of ISP Adaptor cables and sockets. There’s also a solution available for low volume off-line flash memory programming.


We carry a wide range of standard and customised connector solutions ranging from push-pull, Industrial RJ45, Input/Output, High Speed Data Networking and Internal Connectors to Card Connectors.


For testing of bare semiconductor devices, special Testcontactors are required with low impedance at high frequencies characteristics. Our test solutions range from the bare contacting of semiconductor devices and their diverse package types to complex and highly integrated test systems for manual and automated testing.

Single Board Computer (SBC)

Sometimes an off-the-shelve baseboard or SBC is sufficient to fulfill your hardware requirements. And sometimes all you need is a slight modification: adding, replacing or removing a specific peripheral. We can help you with a cost effective way to use or adapt an existing baseboard solution.

Development Kits

All great product designs need to begin somewhere. In using our Starter Kit solutions, you kick-start both your software and hardware development with a low entry cost: all baseboard schematics and Board Support Packages are included in the Kit, and on top of that, we assist you getting everything setup!

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