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Working at Logic Technology

Working with state-of-the-art embedded technologies; sparring with a great diversity of international companies; solving complex embedded challenges; staying on top with the latest embedded developments; helping customers to stay ahead of their competition; cooperating with top suppliers. That is our area of expertise. Is this expertise a good fit for you? Then it’s time to meet.

Logic Technology is always looking for specialists, motivated to combine technology and sales to join our team. Have a look at the overview below to find the job that suits you best, or simply send your CV to jobs at logic.nl.

Because of our longterm relationships with customers and suppliers, we know their challenges, but also their strengths. At Logic Technology you work for a variety of customers and suppliers and you meet all sorts of different people. It varies between strategic purchasers and highly specialized technical developers.

A job at Logic means working in complex, fascinating and challenging Hi-Tech environments. Most of our customers are large companies, with product development as core business. Not rarely they are the leader in their market segment.

Job Offers

We currently have no job openings.

Employment / Recruitment Agency's

Agency’s that wish to contact us, who have candidates that closely match our requirements as published, please do so ONLY by email: jobs<at>logic.nl. We will contact you if there is an interest. 

In receiving any information from you, please note that we do not accept your terms of business unless we have an agreement with your organization in place..