Automotive solutions

Automotive solutions
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GUI design

Traditionally, the automotive industry has had a slow software cycle when it comes to in-car infotainment. Software released for a certain model would remain untouched for years. This has changed with the rise of EV’s and in-car infotainment systems more resembling to smartphones then traditional radio software. Jump to GUI design

File Systems

Our data management software ensures data reliability and high performance for all data-critical systems using automotive flash memory, such as ADAS, DVR, EDR, Telematics, Instrument Cluster and infotainment.

Our customer chose Tuxera’s Reliance Edge file system because it ensures consistently fast boot times, data reliability and a small footprint. Jump to file systems


From vehicles and buildings, to factory floors to power plugs, everything around us is increasingly controlled by sensors. The number of data collection points and edge devices is huge and is growing fast. In the recent past, we dealt with dozens of connected devices: factory floor controllers, face recognition or fingerprint scanners, TV transponders, etc. In today’s applications, the amount of connected devices is often in the thousands when considering how many intelligent data collection points (“intelligent connected devices”) are at play. Jump to databases

Compliance and security

Software teams who design and develop software for the automotive industry should use ASPICE to document processes and measure the maturity of the organization’s processes Using traditional manual methods is time-consuming, costly and error-prone. With the increasing complexity of today’s automotive software systems, the time it takes for manual methods to successfully complete the job increases exponentially. Our embedded development solutions for automotive help demonstrate compliance and add rigor and automation to your development process. Jump to Compliance and Security

PLC Management

ALM for ISO 26262 & ASPICE compliance

With changing and evolving sophisticated nature of automotive systems, addressing the requirements for functional safety, hazards and security standards has become the primary focus for automotive designs

SAE 3016 and SAE 3018 ASPICE® and ISO 26262 are key standards to be used.

Project managers try to prepare a Risk Management Plan for ALM by efficiently elaborating the requirements and then execute them. This is to ensure that most of the risks are predicted and controllable, measures could be taken to prevent project failure.  Jump to PLC Management