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The Future of Touchless Public Touchscreens and Embedded GUIs

  • It’s clear that COVID-19 has people rethinking long established cultural habits, such as shaking hands and standing close to others. It is also reshaping our technology habits, as people become less comfortable with touching the public surfaces of self-serve supermarket displays, information kiosks, and ATMs. Leading hand-tracking and haptics tech company, Ultraleap, recently published their 'The End of Public Touchscreens' study whitepaper with research that confirms this: people are rapidly changing their attitudes about public touchscreens due to the virus.

Festive Opening – The new factory of Yamaichi Electronics

  • The Japanese Yamaichi Electronics Group has been producing in Frankfurt (Oder), the group's only production site in Europe, for almost 15 years. However, the production halls in the former semiconductor plant in Frankfurt-Markendorf, which the company moved into in 2006, were no longer able to cope with the required production capacities. For this reason, the European company management, based in Aschheim-Dornach near Munich, decided to build an extended new building. After successful commissioning in April of this year, the opening has now been celebrated.

Arm and LDRA: Synergy in functionally safe and secure embedded systems

  • We see an increase in software projects that have to be certified or will be certified to assure the highest quality levels and we expect this trend to grow in the future. 

    The certification of safety end-products requires a compiler toolchain to be qualified according to appropriate functional safety standards. The process of qualifying these tools known as ‘Tool Qualification’ or ‘Tool Validation’ can be time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, it doesn’t offer any differentiation to the end-product. 

Using NXP i.MX RT1060 with Keil MDK

  • This hands-on tutorial introduces you to  the NXP RT 10x0 family using the Keil MDK toolkit and uVision I D E. It is compliant to the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS 5.0). The example shows in detail how to debug using Serial Wire Viewer data trace, Event recorder and Power Measurement.

Optimizing a constrained embedded application

  • Learn how to use features like Event Recorder, stack watermarking and the System Analyzer to optimize an application running on the K32L2A4S, a constrained Arm Cortex-M0+ based device.