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About Atollic

Atollics vision is to be the premier supplier of development tools for creating high quality embedded software. Our mission is to develop TrueSTUDIO® to ensure that embedded software produced with it has a higher quality compared to software produced with other tools.


"Using Atollic TrueSTUDIO, the engineers from Gilgen Door Systems were able to speed up the software development process and make the new door controller more innovative for the customer. Because of the intuitiveness of the user interface, the engineers were highly motivated to use Atollic TrueSTUDIO in this project as well as future innovations."

"Adimec relies on design software for microcontroller firmware development to create the control functions in our cameras.  Adimec chose TrueSTUDIO from Atollic after an extensive search when we decided to introduce a different microcontroller architecture.  Atollic offered us an extensive trial period for a thorough evaluation. TrueSTUDIO provides open source compilers with powerful options.  It works out of the box with a lot of different devices, which allowed us to quickly start on new projects.  With a great developer environment, easy integration, and smooth release updates, we are satisfied beyond our expectations."

Atollic TrueSTUDIO Professional

Unlock world-class debug and code analysis features

TrueSTUDIO Pro is focused on the needs of professional developers who are building products that need to be reliable and maintainable. The combination of features is designed to save time, reduce frustration, improve system understanding, and find troublesome bugs quickly. We make it easy to upgrade since there is nothing more to install and the upgrade makes no changes to your project files.

Unlock these features with a TrueSTUDIO Pro license key

  • icon Trace & Profiling

    Take your Cortex-M debugging to a new level with these real-time visualization tools. Trace data, events, exceptions, memory history and more.

  • icon Hard Fault Analysis

    Quickly find the Why, What & Where of hard faults. See why the fault occurred, and go directly to the offending code and affected registers.

  • icon RTOS-aware Debug

    See the status of RTOS objects such as semaphors and mutexes during debug. Support for FreeRTOS and seven other RTOSes.

  • icon Multi-Core Debug

    Debug multiple cores or boards in the same debug session.

  • icon Build/Memory Analyzer

    See the RAM and FLASH memory utilization from your latest build, View total size, used and free memory.

  • icon Stack Analyzer

    Calculates the stack usage based on the compiled and linked program, and presents stack usage information to help you find problems.

  • icon Technical Support

    Get access to the latest product updates and receive support assistance from Atollic tool experts.

  • icon Unlock Pro Today

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