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Embedded Artists iMX RT1052 OEM board and Developer's Kit has been released

  • This board is equipped with NXP's Crossover Processor i.MX RT1052. It is a Cortex-M7 based processor capable at running up to 600 MHz. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. See video..

LDRA clears manufacturers’ path to IEC 62304 compliance

  • LDRA has announced LDRA tool suite for Medical Devices, a variant of its leading LDRA tool suite specifically tailored to help companies achieve IEC 62304 compliance and faster development of safety- and security-critical medical device applications. The LDRA tool suite for Medical Devices automates software quality analysis and testing while providing a traceable, auditable workflow from requirements through deployment for Class II and Class III medical devices.

Enter The Dezyne Challenge 2017

  • Verum invites you to take part on our Dezyne Challenge 2017. Everyone who completes the Challenge will receive a Raspberry PI 3B as thanks for participating. Two lucky winners will each receive a 3D Printer for their efforts.

Atollic TrueSTUDIO 8.1.0 is released

  • Atollic TrueSTUDIO version 8.1.0. This version comes with updated target support and some improvements related to project management, building and debugging:
    • Project wizard improved to better support generation of linker script for not natively supported devices
    • Faster and more stable ST-Link GDB-server
    • External builder now also able to print size information and convert output format
    • Support for task profiling in the kernel-aware debug views for FreeRTOS

Exclusive deal: Get Started with TouchGFX on STM32F7

  • Speed up your GUI development project using the STM32F746 discovery kit.

    Buy TouchGFX Startup Support add a reduced price and get the STM32F746 discovery kit for free!