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Keil MDK-Middleware 6.3.0 Software Pack Update

  • The Keil MDK-ARM Professional Middleware 6.3.0 Software Pack contains several corrections and enhancements such as USB Device MSC media ownership control to enable file access for an embedded application while connected via USB. File System I/O retargeting is now part of the software component Compiler to provide more flexibility. Keil::MDK-Middleware 6.3.0 requires ARM::CMSIS 4.3.0 and Keil::ARM_Compiler 1.0.0.

ARM CMSIS 4.3.0 Software Pack Update

  • The CMSIS 4.3.0 Software Pack adds CMSIS-Driver for Serial Audio Interface (SAI) and improves CMSIS-RTOS RTX with Stack Watermark and IRQ timing statistics. Included are also several other enhancements such as cache control functions for Cortex-M7.

Keil ARM Compiler 1.0.0 Software Pack Update

  • The Keil ARM Compiler Extensions 1.0.0 Software Pack contains the new software component Compiler that expands MicroLib with assert and enables I/O retargeting via File System, UART, ITM debug channel, or user-defined functions.

Learning Platform for Cortex-M Users

  • ARM launched a learning platform for software developers working with Cortex-M microcontrollers. It contains comprehensive information that spans from processor fundamentals to high-level software topics. 

MDK Version 5 - Data Logger with USB Interface

  • The USB Data Logger application template implements a composite USB Device with HID and MSC that records data on a memory card. An Infineon XMC4500 Relax Kit is used but CMSIS-Driver allow easy hardware retargeting.