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Yamaichi Electronics - eQSFP+ 32Gbps Host Connector

  • After working directly with the QSFP MSA (Multi Source Agreement) over the past few years, Yamaichi Electronics is very proud to be leading the high speed connector market by announcing the release of their eQSFP+ product series as the solution for next generation 40GbE/100GbE Ethernet applications. 

Reduce your code-size with Atollic Truestudio v5.1

  • The release of TrueSTUDIO v5.1 features a new compiler/assembler/linker toolchain that focuses on code optimization and debug efficiency. TrueSTUDIO v5.1 can reduce the code-size by up to 30–40% for debug friendly code, and by up to 10–15% for optimized production code! The compiler now uses DWARF4 as its debug format. This allows developers to debug optimized code with the same ease as code built at lower optimization levels.

XJFlash Ultra-fast Flash programming

  • XJFlash is an advanced and innovative method for In-System Programming (ISP) of flash devices through JTAG.

    Using XJFlash you can achieve flash programming speeds up to 50 times faster than those possible using conventional boundary scan techniques.

June 2014 - Second Generation Y-Lock® Pullforce

  • Yamaichi Electronics is expanding the Y-Lock series with a new generation – with a new design and improved features. The Y-Lock® brand has been a well-known product for board-to-cable connections since 2008. A winner of the Design Innovation Award 2010 from the Italian electronics magazine "se – selezione di elettronica", the Y-Lock series generation 1 has proved very successful in a wide variety of applications over the past few years, for example in the automotive sector.

Keil MCB1500 Evaluation Board and Starter Kit

  • ARM today announced the availability of the Keil MCB1500 Evaluation Board for the NXP LPC1500 Microcontroller family, based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.