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ARM DS-5 v5.25 available now

  • DS-5 v5.25 includes overlay support for ARM Cortex-R processors and enhanced support for CoreSight ELA-500 with DS-5 use-case scripts. DS-5 v5.25 also adds additional FVPs, core support and the Mali Graphics Debugger.

Datalight Provides Support for Android Certification

  • Developers who build devices that run Android must pass the Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) in order to claim full compatibility. As application complexity and storage capacity has increased, Google has recently revised the CTS to include new requirements, such as a larger path structure and support for the fallocate() file system command. Datalight implemented a design that enables Reliance Nitro to support the command for Linux- and Android-based devices.

File Systems in IoT: Best Practices for Dealing with the 500 Zettabyte Deluge

  • This webinar recording shows you the benefits of using a file system in your IoT edge device and learn about off-the-shelf solutions that can streamline your development and testing. Suggestions for tying reliability into the application are also examined, providing attendees with the knowledge that will result in superior embedded product design tailored for Internet of Things.

Datalight Long-Term Partnership with Leading Automotive Tier 1 Supplier Creates a Differentiated Driving Experience

  • The leader in automotive infotainment systems is working to make driving safer, cleaner, more economical, and more enjoyable for drivers around the world. Information plays an increasingly important role for drivers, and the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions are integral to these systems. Services like navigation, telematics, driver assistance and entertainment are evolving into fully networked systems. Read the story why this global automotive systems supplier keeps coming back to Datalight.

MDK-Professional supports heterogeneous systems

  • ARM today released DS-MDK, the software development solution for heterogeneous systems that combine an ARM® Cortex®-A based computer system and a Cortex-M microcontroller. DS-MDK is part of the MDK-Professional edition and provides support for the NXP i.MX6 and i.MX7 series. CMSIS-Pack technology is used for device support, which provides Software Packs for device awareness, software frameworks, board support, and example projects.