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Myth Busting for Iot Devices - The File System

  • By Thom Denholm, Datalight.
    Recently, William Lamie published a mythbusting piece that examined the use of an RTOS in IoT devices on Electronic Design. His insightful comments apply to most device designs complex enough to use a microprocessor. Which, these days, is pretty much all of them. We’ve run into a lot of the same myths around one crucial component of the RTOS – the file system.

The HDMI Connector Family from Yamaichi Electronics

  • Yamaichi Electronics presents its portfolio of HDMI interfaces. The HDMI interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a well-known product on the market. Developed first in 2004, it has already moved up to specification 2.0a and is available in a total of five different versions/types.

Important Changes for Keil MDK-ARM Users !

  • In May 2016, ARM Ltd. will release MDK v.5.20. With this release, the ARM MDK-Standard edition will be replaced by its successor: MDK-Plus edition. MDK-Plus extends the features of MDK-Standard by including the following middleware components of the Professional edition; IPv4 Networking, US Device, Flash File System and GUI Library. To ease the transition and let you profit from these extra middleware components, we are giving you the opportunity to upgrade to MDK-Plus at no extra cost until May 2nd, 2016.

Video introduction LDRA Tool Suit - V10.0 and LDRAlite for ARM DS-5 software

  • LDRA introduces it’s latest release of the LDRA Tool Suite – V10.0 and LDRAlite™ for ARM® DS-5 software.

Atollic TrueSTUDIO 5.4.2 is released

  • This version includes new board and device support along with updates to Segger J-Link GBD server and P&E Micro Multilink GDB server.